Drive on
Onward through resistance
Call on the Unmoved Mover
To grant persistence

The masses linger in a void of ignorant serenity
Ready one's self to venture alone
Stragglers, followers, true believers?
Thoughts of high, the only reliever

As meaning eludes the reader
Carry on
Understanding is theirs to try
Wisdom is yours to strive

Moonlighting as the sufferer
The epitome of the Christian mission
Enduring the pain
Compassion is gained

Preacher, teacher, all the while the learner
Willingly exploring the chaos of the mind
And to soothe the dismay
The light of hope, the seeker's way

~ ~ ~


I am a fool
From here I can grow
I am a wise man
Here I stop the flow

I am one of many
Internalize and glow
We are one of many
Moving closer, may we know?

Expression taking form
Living a prayer of Hope
Submit to the Unmoved Mover
A prayer for strength to cope

Doth expression need be fancied?
I'm asking to connect
Seemingly failed attempts
My ego perceives neglect

Hope to see, Hope to forgive
A prayer for maturation
We are one as many

~ ~ ~

She is Loved
© Ken Slusser 2014

Where is my Sun?
It looks to be on the run
I’ll turn around, I’ll look the other way
I’ll sit and reflect, on her majestic display

Where is my Sun?
I want to have some fun
I’ll turn around, I’ll look the other way
I’ll wait for her to rise again, she brightens up my day

At night I feel alone
I search and search for home
I sit, cross my legs, and I wait
I sit, eyes closed, and meditate

Where is my Sun?
Of all the stars, my favorite one
I envision her light within my mind
And receive the wisdom of the sublime

No need to rush the eternal
When dealing with the supernal
The stars they need their space
Their shine is of God’s grace

I’m thankful and understand
I feel peace is close at hand
Within this harmony, I await
Within this trance, I create

Ahhh, there’s my Sun!
The flowers open, one by one
I blissfully welcome the part I will play
Tis the birth of our new day!