Welcome, my name is Ken Slusser.  I wanted to express my appreciation for the progressive rock band YES.  In the early 80's Chris Squire was being interviewed and was asked if YES music was sending any type of message.  He replied, "A message of HOPE."  I decided to use HOPE as a theme for what became a succession of banners which were displayed during the various YES tours.  The first banner was rather crude, just block letters created with black spray paint (not pictured on this site).  They eventually became more involved.  I was fortunate enough to meet Jon Anderson on several occasions.  The first being in 1989. He greeted me as, "The HOPE Man!"



This banner was displayed during YES's "Scarab" tour.

Much of the merchandise associated with this tour incorporated the image of a Scarab.  I'm not sure how the Scarab image was associated with YES music, there was no new album/CD released at the time, nonetheless, I needed a theme prior to the start of the tour.  I felt the urge to attempt something that would be remininsent of Native American art and culture.  This was the end result.

Thank you for your anticipated viewing.  I sincerely hope that something that you see herein, is attractive to your higher self.

2/4/17 - If you haven't visited recently, there's a fairly new poem on the "poetry" page titled, "She Is Loved."  Just click on the poetry tab and scroll down.